Thursday, February 5, 2015

Something old, something new.

It being Thursday and all, I thought I would post something a little bit retro that I heard a couple weeks ago that I had totally forgotten about.

Tom Jones did an album of contemporary stuff in like probably 1999 or '00 and it was actually quite successful. The whole thing was made up of collaborations with pop stars of the day and this one with German House music producer Mousse T was the biggest single. This remix of it still stands up 15 years later.

Tom Jones & Mousse T - Sex Bomb (Sounds of Life Half Vocal Mix)

And lastly, this one popped up during the Tom Ravenscroft show on BBC 6 music a couple weeks ago and I fell in love with it.  This girl from merseyside, UK has such a pretty voice and the structure of the song is so disjointedly gorgeous. Not the typical style of music I've been posting but there you go. something new.

Låpsley - Dancing

Monday, January 12, 2015

where's the luv?

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of hearing for the sixth (i think..?) time the man I, as of now consider to be the best example of a DJ who knows his crowd, knows his music and knows how to properly entertain. Danny Tenaglia played at Toronto's (in)famous Guvernment nightclub for the last time as the club will be closing after a very successful run. A night of hard techno, progressive, tribal and many old classics. I won't go into how TERRIBLE the Guv really is because theres no point. its closing. A friend of mine pointed out that its closing will sadly have a trickle down to the venues we really love and bring all the people that Guv drew to these other places and possibly making them now places we don't love. I hope that doesn't happen. I want to think that the way my friends and I enjoy ourselves might rub off on a few of these people and they'll learn how to respect people at clubs and not be an annoying wanker... but we'll see.

Danny's sets are always full of musical gems. Most of the time you can't ascertain what they are because he's tweaked around with them so much and is playing 3 other tracks at the same time but every now and then he plays the whole song. Its usually a pretty special track that sort of changes the atmosphere in the room and sets you heading in a new direction. on Sunday morning there were a few of these... notably Dubtribe Sound System's "Do It Now". wow. people went off. and justifiably so.... but we all know that one. Then there was this little nugget. This artist has been featured on the blog before, and Im really regretting not making it out to see him at Panorama Bar in Berlin.

Kasper Bjørke feat.Sísý Ey - Apart (Michael Mayer Remix)

And this little beauty got dropped at the after party I was at... LOVE it!!

Theophilus London - Wine & Chocolates (Andhim Remix Radio Version)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Berlin there, done that

The expression, "Time flies when you're having fun" has never resonated with me quite so much as it has thinking back to this trip. The three weeks in France & Germany that had me see about a dozen different cities, towns and cute little villages all happened so damn fast, too damn fast to be honest. As much as I missed my super comfy bed and my gorgeous little dog & cats... the charming villages of the South of France and the lovely German people and their BANGING clubs will definitely see me again!

We didn't hit up any proper night spots in France at all. The sight seeing was too much and we were exhausted by 11pm every night. But once in Berlin there was really only one place that I HAD to find my way to: BERGHAIN (and of course Panorama). About halfway through the week in Berlin I had a realization. What if we didn't get into Berghain!? With it's notoriously tough (some might say ridiculous[Richie Hawtin]) door policy it was entirely possible that after waiting all week for the culmination of our trip.... we would leave empty handed. I got mildly panicked and had a peak on Resident Advisor on Wednesday night to see what was going on in one of the most important cities in the dance music World midweek. We came across a night called Well Done! and as luck would have it.... its a Wednesday weekly party celebrating its 4th anniversary with Oliver $ headlining at a club called Suicide Circus. The club was perfect and all I expected from a place in Berlin. Hard to find, dark, with no real flash to it, unbelievably smokey and completely fucking awesome.  With a tag line like "Alone? Bored? Desperate? Suicide!" I was pretty confident we were in for a good time.

The tunes were great all night and the crowd was polite and friendly. Though at this point I will point out that they weren't really dancing.... do Europeans not dance? It was more of a bob & sway kinda crowd...but we were definitely dancing.

sight seeing sight seeing sight seeing sight seeing sight seeing sight seeing sight seeing sight seeing

Now to Saturday night and Sunday morning: Berghain.

This mysterious and humongous decommissioned power plant out in East Berlin, that has previously been the #1 club in the World. There were 6 of us going on Saturday night, and if you know of Sven who runs the door there you know that sometimes you get in... and sometimes you don't. After nearly 2 hours waiting, I didn't. Not on the first go around anyway. So after regrouping and going in for another attempt at 9am, I was in. holy shit. The place is exactly what you imagine of a techno club in Berlin... well that with a little slice of The Anvil, that gay bar in the Simpsons episode featuring John Waters that was in a steel plant, because it IS after all a gay club.  Theres all the debauchery you think there would be and its hot and likely the hardest techno I have ever heard. ever. like ever ever. When I left the there was noticeable tension in my shoulders from the onslaught of beats... please don't take that as a complaint. I loved every minute of it.

A few of us even ventured back at 9pm to see Move D up in Panorama... it was a totally different vibe late on Sunday. I'd argue better. A much more interesting crowd, better music and Move D was pretty awesome and funky. I had a flight back to Canada at 12:30pm Monday so staying out until 5am was likely not the wisest thing I've ever done... but I'm so happy I did! Below are some of the tracks I came across during my European journey. There is no real theme here just what i found.

Happy listening!

Super Flu - Jo Gurt (Stephan Bodzin Remix)

Oliver Huntemann - Schatten (Original Mix)

Traumer - Cyclo (Original Mix)

George Ezra - Budapest (Blondee Hagen Bootleg)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

See you in November.

During the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of seeing some super International touring DJs and some awesome local talent from both Montreal and Toronto. Pretty spoiled really. I felt it was time to unroll some of those Shazams before I head to Paris and Berlin for 3 weeks.. Berghain here we come!

But in the meantime, Here are a few little nuggets from Stereo Montreal, CODA, Li'ly Lounge and Comfort Zone Toronto for youuuuuuuuuuuu.

Joakim - Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Remix)

Headman - Be Loved (Daniel Avery's 'Divided Love' Remix)

Cajmere, Oliver $ feat Dajae - We Can Make It (Original Mix)

Zoned Out - White Rabbit

Friday, September 12, 2014

some kinda nerve

I've had this one on repeat for a few days now. It has so many touches that remind me of house tunes from the mid 90s and then a nice soft piano, which I'm a huge sucker for. Defected doing just what Defected always does.... put out amazing house music. Leaving tomorrow to go see The Maestro, Danny Tenaglia play at Stereo in Montreal and I'm beyond excited!

DJ Oji Presents Carolyn Victorian - Workin' My Nerves (DJ Oji Original Vocal Mix)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

courtesy the C & C music factory(thats Chus & Ceballos)

Its more of a Moonboots kinda tip for this post, and less of the Mudholes. Two pretty fun, chilled tracks.

I have to admit that the last 3 times I've seen Chus & Ceballos it has been less than impressive. I won't get into the dance scene in Toronto politics as to why that is (or why I believe that is anyway) but having the opportunity to see them at a party not associated with the gay scene or its promoters this past weekend I thought I might be in for a treat.... I was right. My only complaint is that the night ended too soon. But considering they ended it with this pretty sweet remix of London Grammar, all is right again.

Moloko meet Francois K. I love it when artists I love work together.... generally it produces something pretty perfect. And really... Moloko, could you please just get back together and make a new album, please? Heres one I found this weekend:

Friday, April 18, 2014

If she wasn't my lover before... she sure is now.

I was always of the mind that there were certain things that should not be remixed, for no other reason than that they are pretty perfect as they are. Well damnit if I wasn't wrong. Like really wrong. So much for sweeping generalizations..... REMIX EVERYTHING! But maybe that should be amended to say that Shai Verdi (a.k.a Virgin Magnetic Material) should be the guy doing the remixing at least most of the time. These tunes are so perfectly chilled that I think I might have just become one with my chair...Some seriously cool shit coming out of the Israeli music scene the last number of years.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)

Stevie Nicks - Landslide (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)