Friday, April 18, 2014

If she wasn't my lover before... she sure is now.

I was always of the mind that there were certain things that should not be remixed, for no other reason than that they are pretty perfect as they are. Well damnit if I wasn't wrong. Like really wrong. So much for sweeping generalizations..... REMIX EVERYTHING! But maybe that should be amended to say that Shai Verdi (a.k.a Virgin Magnetic Material) should be the guy doing the remixing at least most of the time. These tunes are so perfectly chilled that I think I might have just become one with my chair...Some seriously cool shit coming out of the Israeli music scene the last number of years.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)

Stevie Nicks - Landslide (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We (almost) Lost Detroit

Gil Scott Heron had a way like no other of painting a vivid visual through the words he used in his songs. Chuck a funky beat behind it and boom! This is some pretty sexy shit.

Gil Scott Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit (Florian Rietze Remix)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do I Believe In God? Controversy.

Let's just chalk this up to making up for lost time... I've completely fallen in love with the remixes and edit work of Late Nite Tuff Guy.

1) He's got a pretty awesome name.
2) He's cranked out some of the funkiest shit I've heard in a long time.

Take for instance this KILLER remix of Prince's Controversy. Hot Damn. Seriously.

Late Nite Tuff Guy - Do I Believe In God (LNTG Muscle Mix)

And then theres this more atmospheric, spacey-disco type Morroder / Cerrone sounding stuff for a remix of one of my favourite band's new(ish) single...

Royksopp - Running to the Sea feat. Susanne Sundfør (Late Night Tuff Guy Remix)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Put These Wings To Test

Easing into 2014.. Its been a long time coming but blog.. I've missed you. I had the opportunity to see Cevin Fisher a while back and it was definitely worth the wait. He's one of the first recognizable names I remember when I was learning about house music, and he's always just been there but I've never had the chance to hear him until recently. WOW. He came on after DJ Dan who was playing these insane ravey breaks(not really my thing) and Honey Dijon who I had missed but I've seen likely more than any of the other bigger named DJs anyway so... onto Cevin. Starting out with this deep prog house that just seemed to never end (in a good way!) and then all of a sudden this happened. The people that were still left at this point basically lost their shit right there on the dancefloor, one of those special moments when you turn around and everyone is singing and has a huge-ass smile on their face.

It's been so damn long since I was acquiring new music that upon going through my Shazam history and checking things out I have no idea where I heard half of this stuff. Heres one of those... throw a little piano ditty into a house track and you've probably found a fan in me.

Monday, September 23, 2013

WestBam thank you ma'am!

As much music I hear and I read about it's so awesome that I learn something new about something old. I've heard the name WestBam before but don't think I knew any of his tracks until recently. The guy has only been a staple in the German party scene since '83. Including throwing some huge raves and playing at the very first Love Parade. He released a new album with some pretty head turning collaborators. Guys like Bernard Sumner of New Order, Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs, Lil' Wayne, and Kanye West. Clearly this man holds some friggin' clout. Here are a few snippits off his Double album(disc 2 is all instrumental dubs of disc 1) titled Götterstrasse, or God's Street.  Its a pretty awesome album going from New Wave to more Orchestral bangin' choons with some pretty creative vocal performances... Here is my favourite

WestBam - You Need The Drugs Feat. Richard Butler (Original Mix) 

This might sound a bit foolish but is everyone in Germany a music producer? Ok maybe all of Germany is a bit much, maybe producer is even a stretch. but surely all Berliners are DJs? I can think of no other way to explain the constant flow of music that I love that comes out of that one place and the fact that there are so goddamn many different producers! Someday Berlin... someday I'm coming for you. But I fear I might not ever leave once I do.

Cascandy - Goodbye Darling (Original Mix)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Love's Labour's Not Lost

Man oh, man! I don't know what's up but Friday and Saturday nights have been absolutely spectacular in my ears. Friday a small bunch of us got treated to the PROPER techno sounds of Dave the D.R.U.M.M.E.R who was over from London to play with Deko-ze.... and it was a mighty good stomp. Hard to go wrong with great friends, beer and techno... oh and tequila. Then last night Deko-ze ripped out some beauties at Fly... DEFINITELY saving the best for last.

While doing some research on the house scene in Germany I came across this guy. Tonnes of great productions and some really cool sets on his soundcloud.  Henry, aka Dave the Drummer dropped a different mix of this one on Friday. This one is about an airport in Germany... where he actually ended up doing a gig to support this release. cool shit.

Alle Farben - Templehof (Jaochim Pastor Remix)

And somehow Umami is here again! Well that shouldn't really be a surprise... they're pretty friggin awesome. This is a co-production remix with Alle Farben. It makes it ok for me to pretend to be a sassy black woman.. and really reminds me of Groove Armada. Thats never a bad thing.

La Rochelle Band - Burning In My Soul (Alle Farben & Umami Remix)

This guy is being hailed all over Beatport as the man to watch.  He's been producing for years as a more behind the scenes kinda guy for some pretty big labels and acts and is now releasing his own stuff. Weiss(Uk) is the real deal.  The few tracks I've heard are all stellar and in different ways.  I always like it when I feel like I hear people's styles and influences and where they're coming from in their work. Anyone who is a fan of Solid Groove/Switch, Maetrik and Carlo Lio... hold onto your hats...cuz this is like the best of all three of those guys rolled into one....killer. I can't wait to hear his next stuff!

Weiss - Silk Slut (Original Mix)

Oh... and my weekend of awesome music continues very shortly with Depeche Mode, and tomorrow with Tale of Us, Chaim, Joy Orbison and Joel Mull :) yahoo!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Play NiCE7.

Apparently this blog gets a lot of hits from Russia. Whats funny about that is that I have, for as long as I can remember been fascinated with Russia. Whats even funnier is that I'm a gay man living in Canada and that Russian politics are really upsetting me right now, due to the recent legislations on non-traditional relationship propaganda and such. I'd like to think that the Russian folk that are tuning into the blog are open minded, loving people, as has been the case with the bulk of the people I've met associated with dance music.

Ok I don't want this to get all heavy just... make things right. In your corner of the world, wherever that might be, stop turning a blind eye to ignorance and all this hateful "propaganda" that is being bantered about. So If you're Russian, Syrian or Egyptian or from one of the calmer places on the planet right now.... please? Play nice.

Jose Gonzales - Killing For Love (Beatfanatic Remix)

Now thenhow about something a little more fun?


Jon Cutler feat E-Man - It's Yours (NiCE7 Remix)