Saturday, March 25, 2017

I can't get any higher

Out for a damn chilly walk about a week ago with my pooch and stumbled upon this rather old one from French House legend Alex Gopher. Beauty! I'm VERY happy warmer weather is upon us... longer walks leads to more awesome musical discoveries!

Alex Gopher - Use Me

And this new single from New Order is A W E S O M E!!! Totally killer remixes as well from Claptone, Late Nite Tuff Guy, some others and this one by Richard X which was my favourite of the bunch.

New Order - People On The Highline (Richard X radio edit)


Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'll Make It Up To You

This first one reminds me of 3 different songs and all within about 25 seconds. Theres Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand, Miss You by the Rolling Stones and a yet to be identified 3rd song that I just can't put me finger on...

Monika - Secret In The Dark (Juan MacLean Remix)

This has been on repeat all week. Well at least the first 3ish minutes or so, the final 45 seconds kinda get on my nerves but that deep sloggy bassline from the opening kills me. Disciples of MURK mayhaps?

Tirzah - Make It Up

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Do You Wanna Gängbang?

Don't everyone see the title of the post and put your hands up at once. If you use Spotify, actually even if you don't (start) it is an absolutely amazing resource for finding music that you are practically guaranteed to like. I dont know all the technology or how the metrics of it all work, so I won't pretend to, but the options are awesome. The "Discover Weekly" feature presents you with a curated playlist just for you every week, based on what you've been listening to lately, and its pretty spot on. I listen to some very different stuff from day-to-day. Sometimes its Dolly Parton or Patsy Cline, sometimes its Radiohead, and sometimes its ear popping techno, but their selections are always pretty interesting. The other option, which I find even more useful, is the track radio. Find a song you like, click the little dots and scroll down to "Go To Radio" and they'll play stuff related to the song you like. For dance music its been quite eye opening.
Both of the selections here I discovered using Spotify.


Todd Terje & The Olsens - Baby Do You Wanna Bump

Macchina Nera feat. Annette Party - Gängbang (Original Mix)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

let me count the ways...

I've found myself out in clubs less and less over the past year and thats meant a significant drop in the amount of new choons I actually get exposed to.  That was until I discovered how to use Spotify. The radio feature is quite incredible! Find a song or an artist you like the sound of or who will set a mood for you, click on the little dots and go to play that song/artist's radio, its been pretty spot on for me so far and has exposed me to some quality gems.  I highly recommend checking it out. I mean it helps that my phone provider gave me 2 years of free Spotify. I think at this point I would keep it, so wise move.

Anyhoo, peep these puppies. Its whats got me smiling on my way to work this past week:

Infinity Ink (feat Yasmin) - How Do I Love You (Original Mix)

Maxxi Soundsystem (feat. Name One) - Medecine (Original Mix)

FCL - It's You (Mousse T.'s Discotronic Mix)

Its been a while but here you go! get those feet moving!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Taranto to Toronto: What Kind of VooDoo do You Do?

Once upon a time (2007 in fact) a set got recorded at a club in Taranto, Italy named Clorophilia. The DJ that night, Mr. Danny Tenaglia is a firm believer that his live sets are for the pleasure of those that are there in attendance and not to be rebroadcast and when he found out someone on the club's audio team had snuck in recording gear he was livid, and launched quite a public tirade against them. Somewhere in that set, which I have,  is this track. A track, that for the past 8.5 years or so was just that track we couldn't find. That is until Miss Honey Dijon, the Queen herself of condiment inspired house music dropped it in front of my very ears at CODA in Toronto, Canada last Friday night. I almost couldn't believe it was showing up in my SoundHound app.

And how lucky am I? The man who crafted this very track is coming to Toronto on April 8th. BooYa! She takes a little bit to get going, but i love it so deal with it.

this one reminds me of England for some reason, and it has nothing to do with its title. That deep wobbly bass line reminds me of something that could've been cooked up in Fila Brazilia's studio so maybe thats it. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wednesday Night in The Ghetto

I love when I'm browsing around the internet looking for some new music and I come across something I should have had in my collection 10-15 years ago but it evaded me. I recognized the track from having heard it somewhere over the years but most likely before Shazam so just one of those ones that slipped away never to be heard from again. And how fortuitous it should be rediscovered on of all things, a Wednesday Night.

If you've seen The Hunger Games this will ring some big bells. Steve Lawler dropped this a few weeks back on my birthday to many surprised cheeky grins across the dance floor.

I just stumbled upon this producer last week. If you, like me, love some chilled jazz-funk-soul with a little extra kick behind it... check him out! Akshin is from Azerbaijan and has a pretty dope repertoire of all kinds of funky things. I adore Marlena Shaw so this stood out to me right away. My other favourite I've found so far was Southern Man (available on iTunes). 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Slow Porn

It took me a month of patiently waiting for what I thought was the "Soldier" release date, only to find out the track ID I had from Shazam was wrong and I could've had it sooner... CURSES! I've been playing this puppy on repeat for quite a while. The cinematic sounds remind me of something that you could've heard in "Drive" or "The Knick" (interestingly enough both of which were scored by possibly my favourite modern film score composer, Cliff Martinez). That slow-burning, haunting 90s synth and the dark hypnotic vocals.  It sounds like it could also have come off a Matthew Dear album, so thats some pretty high praise from me, hope y'all enjoy it too. I highly recommend jacking your bass up for this...)

Yosoy - Soldier (Slow Porn Version)

This second post is a classic thats been covered and then touched up by Betoko. Props to my Uber driver last week for playing this on my ride downtown.

Betoko vs Gemma Hayes - Wicked Game