Sunday, February 18, 2018

Nanna At The Club

My good friend Liesel shared this beauty of a video online yesterday and it gives me so much joy i thought I'd share it here. This woman and her smile and moves and age and demeanour and awesome kicks and friends. They all give me joy.

Timmy Regisford - At The Club

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Given the current 3-4 day snowstorm we're in the midst of here in Toronto... This one gives me a little hope. I can't wait to be sweating while sitting still on a patio with an ice cold beer in my hand enjoying this. Though I struggle with the fact its called a club mix. Just because its long as hell doesn't mean its a club mix.

Greg Wilson feat. The Reynolds - Summer Came My Way (Luxxury Club Mix)

I used to read Details magazine in the '90s. It was decent for a time and I would skim through most of it but i loved their album reviews. One day while on the 80 bus from Lower Sackville to Halifax, Nova Scotia I read the album review for Beth Orton's Central Reservation, and as my bus pulled up in front of HMV on Spring Garden Rd, I hopped off and ran into the store to buy it without a second thought about listening to it first. The review had sold me that hard, and one of only two times I can remember being that impressed by a review that i just bought it. The other being Basement Jaxx Remedy.  Central Reservation became something that I still listen to today, and for several years I gobbled up everything I could from Beth Orton and even got to see her at Glastonbury in I think it was '03. Then yesterday while digging around through some older releases from the Cube Guys i found this way-more-chilled-than-I'm-used-to-from-them beauty of a track, and its been on repeat ever since. I'll also add that The Cube Guys are fucking fantastic live. Rarely have I heard Producers that I like deliver live but I've seen them a few times and always rock the place.

The Cube Guys -  Central Reservation (Face Off Magik Remix)

Learned about this producer this week, and let me tell you... if you like soul and disco samples his entire catalogue is great. I wasn't totally sure which one to pick for this post but i  went with the one that introduced me to him, a Bill Withers track. Go check out his soundcloud/spotify or some are available on iTunes/Beatport.

Deelicious - Lonely Town Lonely Street (Original Mix)

Friday, January 26, 2018

Different from the Rest

two of these three have been on such heavy rotation for the past month that I'm actually pretty shocked I haven't gotten board of them yet.

My friend Charles has been bopping this one at the office lately, turns out it was posted in a facebook post of a group I'm in for the weekly Music Mondays where =everyone posts what moves them. THANK YOU FARHAN! Helluva track. And if you're slightly nerdy about things you'll probably enjoy this little Q&R with the man that made it about him and how he made it that I stumbled on while trying to find the damn thing...

Interstate feat Biroll - Karl Lowe St. Groove

I'm pretty sure I owe this one to a ride back from a rugby match back in the Autumn with my friend Nick. I have to say, my friends have really good taste in tunes, lucky me! basically one giant disco build with some sassy piano. my favourite!

Marquis Hawkes - The Basement Is Burning

Lastly, during my fairly epic (appropriate use of the word) 3 day drive home for Christmas through more different kinds of storms than I can really remember This came on about half-way into the first 7 hour drive, and I swear we played it at least 3 times in a row. Its one of those things where you discover some other funny little sound or oddball lyric with each new listen.  I've heard (and LOVED) a few In Flagranti songs over the years, they seem to do some more guitar heavy stuff as well but when they do a housey/indie dance track... watch out. Best enjoyed with headphones so you can hear every little nugget, unless of course you have a fabulous home stereo set up. Its actually likely still better on headphones.

In Flagranti - Different from the Rest

Don't forget we're on SPOTIFY if you want some Moonbooties on the go

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Power & The Blessing

Back in March, Dropbox (where all this music is stored) changed the way it operated which resulted in all my old links being invalid. So basically everything i posted from 2011- March 2017, had dead links. I'm going through and reposting all of the back catalogue starting from the beginning, and adding them, as I go, to the Spotify playlist too... its going to take a while.

As well as all of THAT, there is a new post.

Try to not bop to this, I dare you. It takes about 2 minutes to get going but once it does its some classic funky house loveliness, which seems to be making a bit of a resurgence... not that it ever really went anywhere, but I am hearing a lot more of the funky stuff lately.

Folamour - The Power & The Blessing Of Unity

I love the relentless beat of this jam. I heard it yesterday and was hooked. The opening Marvin Gaye(i think..?) vocals don't fully match up with whats being played which at first had me looking to see if I had two things playing at once, but once i realized i didnt, I restarted it and for whatever reason I enjoy its slightly disjointed nature, and again this one shifts into another gear after about 2.5 mins.

RAAR - Leave Me In My Broken Dreams

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Because It's There

Current vibes for whatever reason have brought me into some way more spacey/chill/progressive tunes. Strange that this is the post I opt for after hearing Mr Tenaglia this past weekend... but what can I say, I'm a sucker for some quality beeps n' boops and its been a long time since i posted something other than proper stompers...

so go for a walk or a nice autumn drive, and enjoy. Tunes also updated on Spotify!

Chloé - Because It's There

Black 8 - Before The Rising Dawn (Dmitry Molosh Remix)

Phonique (feat Lazarusman) - Vincent Price (Douglas Greed Remix)

Monday, September 4, 2017

Purple is not just a delicious fruit, it's also a Disco Machine

Purple the fruit. Purple the flavour.  Purple the colour. But not to be outdone in da club.... Purple, always reinventing herself, is now back as Purple Disco Machine. And not surprisingly I like this one possibly even more than all her other incarnations and I realized today that I've been listening to a lot lately, which is usually a good sign that I should share with the class.

As a quick sidebar, the new Jamiroquai album is absolutely stellar... like start to finish.

Monday, July 10, 2017

for Darren

Summer is in full swing. Pride has come and gone. The borderline torturous Salsa on St Clair festival has ended. And Charles has released his always anticipated No Pots And Pans collection (NPAP for short). I'm about to dive into that which will surely occupy most of my musical listening for at least a couple of weeks... its A LOT of music! But before I do, here are a few things that have been moving me lately.  Maybe its the sunshine, maybe its the rosé... Who can say? All I know is I'm digging these disco and NuDisco vibes a lot lately. Just add a lil piano to a dance track and I'm hooked. Add a whole lot and I might not stop smiling. Enjoy!

This is dedicated to my good friend Darren, who we'll be memorializing this weekend.  I know he's bouncing around to some super dope tunes in the freshest sneakers imaginable, wherever he is.

Rick Wade - The League (Original Mix)

The Black Madonna - Alright This Morning (Original Mix)

Mood II Swing - Can't Get Away From You (Original Mix)

Tensnake - Freundchen (Original Mix)

Reminder you can check out these tunes on the go on the Spotify Playlist too